Vinyl tile installation

Help: Here’s The Ultimate Vinyl Tile Installation Checklist

Vinyl tile installation does not have to be a difficult job. Yes there are professionals available whom you can hire, but the fact is, you could do the job yourself. There are 2 main reasons because of which you may want to do it on your own. Firstly, it could save you a lot of money, and secondly, it could be a lot of fun. But before you are ready to proceed, you will need to ensure that you have the right tools and equipment. Yes, choosing the tile you are about to install is always important, but without these tools and equipment, you cannot get the job done efficiently.

Tools And Equipment – Here’s A Checklist To Help The Do-It-Yourself Installer

  1. Do ensure that you have your sub floor plan right in front of you on a piece of paper. Take it to the shop to buy your vinyl tiles. Buy a few more inches because you will need to trim the edges to fix it properly. When you are buying your tiles, you must also get the adhesive.
  2. Get yourself one notched trowel – this will help you spread the adhesive. Once the adhesive have been spread over the surface, you must use the trowel’s notched side to make sure that the coating is even.
  3. Check whether the surface on which you are tiling is completely even or not. In other words, there must be no bumps or depressions as otherwise, the tiling job will not be good. And if you find any bumps or depressions, you will need to smoothen or fill them up as the case may be.
  4. Keep a pencil handy because you must mark the places where the tiles must fit when you are doing the laying job. The pencil will also help you mark the pieces that you must cut.
  5. You must also get a tile saw if you want to carry out the residential or commercial vinyl tile installation job yourself. You can get the saw on rent – there’s no need to buy it, because you may not have a use for it later. But do ensure that you read through the instructions before you actually begin to use it. Remember, the saw is often dangerous. Other than this, you must also get a tile ripper.
  6. It is also essential to arrange a non-sanded or sanded grout. Which one you will need will depend on the space you want to maintain between the tiles. The sanded variety works better when you want to keep more space. The tile spacer will be very handy because you will want the spaces to be consistent.
  7. Get a drill that comes with an attachment for mixing. You will need this to mix the grout and the adhesive.
  8. You will need to smooth up the grout in between your tiles, and also ensure that the spread is even. For this, you should get the rubber grout float.
  9. When you are installing vinyl tiles, you will need to keep them straight and even, and for this the tools you will need is the carpenter's square and tape. These tools will help you maintain consistent spacing too.
  10. Once the vinyl tiles are in place, get your rubber mallet. Using this, you should tap on your tiles softly. The rubber will ensure that the tiles are not broken.
  11. Get some sponges and a bucket to clean the adhesive. Do so before it becomes hard.
  12. You need goggles and gloves too for maintaining safety.

This checklist should help you get the tools that you need for vinyl tile installation on the floor. Remember, the job is easy, provided you have the right equipment and know how to do it. So go ahead and get what you need, and once the job is done, stand back and admire a job well done.