Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Revealed – How You Can Install Vinyl Sheet Flooring Easily

Have you decided to install vinyl sheet flooring in your commercial establishment? What a great decision! The fact is, vinyl is resilient and it can last for years. Available in a wide array of color and design options, it can also transform the look of your office or shop. There are a few people who believe that it is better to hire professional contractors for the installation. Of course, you can seek professional help if you want to, but the fact is, you can do the installation yourself as well. It is really not that difficult, and with some guidance, you will be able to complete the job successfully. But when doing it on your own, you should know that this is actually a two person job. So get a friend to help you – it could be fun.

Here’s How You Can Install The Covering Easily

What you need to do before the installation:

It is essential that you clean up the floor even before you begin installing your sheet of vinyl. So go ahead and sweep or mop up the surface, or you could also vacuum clean it. There should be no grime or dust particles because it can make the sheet, and even the vinyl tiles lose their luster. Use a flashlight to check for lows and highs on the surface, and also for any dirt that may be present. So get rid of that stubborn dust. But do ensure that the cleaning appliance you are using is clean itself, because if it is not clean, then it will only end up redistributing the dirt. Naturally, things will become more difficult then.

Having cleaned the floor, now you will need to make sure that it is dry. This is important because water or moisture can damage your finish. So take a paper towel or clean cloth and get rid of this.

The actual installation:

Vinyl sheets can be heavy and so you might find it difficult to hold alone. This is why it is better to get help from someone else. But once you have managed to get the roll in the right position, the rest of the job should be easy.

You can install your vinyl sheet flooring in two ways. The first option is to put adhesive on the entire floor. If the sheet you are using is not of the best quality, then you could go with this option. You could also opt for this if you are never going to remove the flooring. And the second option is to use both adhesives and staples on the seams and on your outside edges.

You must cut off your door trim’s bottom so that your new flooring can slide under easily. You will surely find this much easier than cutting your vinyl so that it can fit the moldings. Make a template and slide your square below the jamb prior to marking the paper. The simple template made out of paper will guarantee that you are laying the flooring perfectly.

Make your template just like the installers do. In other words, it should be the same shape of your room. Actually the template method has become extremely popular and you can get the installation kit from Armstrong. If you have followed the instructions as provided, and still end up making a mistake, the company will replace your floor free of charge. But in reality, with this method, installing vinyl sheet flooring can be so easy that you simply cannot goof up.